Welcome in our Fairy World

With this collection, I wanted to do much more than pretty dresses.

 I came back to my sources of inspiration, and the fairyland was a way to make your dream come true. 

For you , who are heroine of your destiny , your marriage should not be the expression of the conventional standards but that of your personality.

 To stage this collection, I chose the rustic charm of a cottage, a magical place on a human scale whose maze of stairs and doors opened onto rooms with poetic charm.

 I wanted each outfit as a painting, accessing to a universe.

 A collection open to the imagination, accessible to the dreamer in you, far from Instagrammable clichés and artificial luxury

I would like to thank those who took part in this wonderful story

Photographer: Michael Guichard Starring: Susana Pizarro Jewels: Anne-kritin Becker

Headbands,crowns &jewels: Le Baiser de la Mariée Floral Headbands: Isabella Giovannini

Shoes:Tanya Heath

Special thanks to : Chrytèle cavalier , Andrea Gosselin

Cordial turnout : Cha’ska & A nos amours

Little Riddind Hood
She did not know that the Wolf was a wicked sort of animal…ans she was not afraid of him


Once upon a time , a princess at heart …… She was waiting for bells to ring , and went to join her king …. She became the queen of the day ! ….

“Deep in every heart slumbers a Dream, and the Couturier knows it : Every woman is a Princess “

Christian DIOR