Découvrez nos collections et l’esprit LK PARIS

Laure K a une vision de la robe de mariée comme la pièce à fois intemporelle et résolument Mode.

Loin des stéréotypes, la créatrice souhaite proposer des pièces féminines, modernes, élégantes et glamour

Le corps est sublimé et les matériaux nobles mis à l’honneur au travers d’une coupe parfaite.

Parce qu’il s’agit de se sentir épanouie, chaque robe, chaque création , doit refléter la personnalité de celle qui la portera pour une journée inoubliable.

Collection 2024

Can’t take my eyes off you

Une Collection dédiée à ceux qui s’aiment .

Pour célébrer l’Amour et la joie de vivre

C’est lors d’un shooting parisien, en Bords de Seine , que nous avons réuni notre Love Team

Merci à Julie B, Carole D, Mélanie L, Gabriel , Jeremy , Thomas …et à notre MUA adorée Lucia qui a su sublimer nos acteurs du Jour .

Merci à Maison Epicure pour ses costumes



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Your wedding dress is the reflect of your personality and LK Paris Couture knows it.

Located next door to the “Arc de Triomphe” in Paris, Laure K welcomes you in her designer studio and showroom for a first meeting that will allow you to identify your wishes. Whatever is your morphology, the advice of the designer will assure you a dress that will sublimate your character.

Your dress will take first life in the form of a sketch based on your initial demand, according to the designer advices.
Afterwards, you will choose the fabrics to be in perfect agreement with the design of your dress. “Dentelles de Calais », silks, taffeta, brocades, organzas, muslins, tulle, etc …

At LK ‘s studio, you can choose the most noble materials synonymous with excellence. In the pure respect of the French couture tradition, the designer and her team work on the fabrics, the straight thread and the bias, and their expert hands give birth to a unique creation.
From the sketch to the dress creation, to the finishes at the end, every detail is carefully studied.
With creativity, sense of rigor and mastering a perfect technical cutting, LK PARIS Couture brings to her gowns a natural and elegant silhouette .

Photo Sonia Alexander

Model Susana Pizarro MUA Anae Paris

World of LK

Christian Lacroix 

If I mention Christian Lacroix, is that I believe he represents the Couture as I conceive it.
Our profession is  primarily a work  of artist and craftsmen .
Couture is born in the“Heart “ of the workshop …And that’s how I work …  
Each collection is a newstory we write with the “Thread of the Needle” .
Since I started, I make myself, most of my prototypes ….Molding, via the pattern design, to finishing.
I supervise each project from the workshop.
I have a rule: “Never ask to my team to do what I can not do myself, and work in respect of the other”
I always have a real pleasure unceasingly renewed, to unfold the fabric , playing with the bias ,and the thread … and then to finalize every detail …

 Our profession is in perpetual movement of life and colors to the one who has captured the essence.

Laure K